Pumpkin seeds are an old-fashioned remedy for parasites

Pumpkin seeds are an old-fashioned remedy for parasites, being nontoxic and to some degree effective against pinworms, tapeworms, threadworms and roundworms, in both humans and animals. Seeds of various species of the class “Cucurbita” have a substantial reputation as agents that immobilize and expel intestinal parasites.

The ingredient that affects the parasites is very variable even in seeds of similar species. This makes it very difficult to know how much it will take to obtain results. Even though toxicity or unwanted side effects related with pumpkin seeds have not been reported, their dependability varies too much to be beneficial. It does have the enormous benefit of being completely safe. Use pumpkin seeds when more poisonous herbs cannot be used, for example in pregnancy, ill individuals, and children. It is imperative to take something such as Poopdoc colon cleansing capsules to move the parasites out of the digestive system, because the pumpkin seeds simply paralyze the parasite and does not kill it.

When you take the seeds, try to leave the fine inner skin underneath the shell intact, because it is crucial to eat this skin with the seeds. Eat a healthy diet and take the seeds every morning on an empty stomach. Children are given from 10 to 15 seeds a day, and adults from 20 to 30 seeds for about 14 days. Take Poopdoc colon cleansing capsules, one hour after each dose of seeds. An increased number of pumpkin seeds need to be eaten if tapeworms are the problem. You can repeat this remedy as often as needed without any risk of side effects. With tapeworms ensure that the whole parasite is expelled. Eating pumpkin seeds frequently may help to prevent these parasites.