Remedies for Intestinal Parasites

Parasites are the unseen enemies within one’s body. These are organisms that live inside of a host from which they live off of. These parasites derive food from their host while also depriving the host of them. The host of a parasitic infection can be anything from a small rodent to a human.

Once these parasites find themselves a host, they seek the most suitable location in the body where they can thrive and multiply. When they find an appropriate environment, they tend to stay there unmoved if given the opportunity. Not only do parasites feed off of the host but they also have the ability to reproduce while inside the host. This may be a step towards serious parasitic infestation causing more severe physical harm and deprivation. Keep in mind that our body has no natural combatants for parasites so this leaves our entire body virtually defenseless to parasites if not treated. There have been cases where parasites have remained in individuals’ anatomy for up to ten, twenty, and even thirty years. The parasites greatest weapon is being “stealth” or going undetected.

Consider the following remedies for parasites. These are effective remedies to help removing and preventing intestinal parasites.

1. Digestive Enzymes

Adding foods full of digestive enzymes is a simple way to fight parasites. These enzymes are found in things like fresh papaya and pineapple. What makes these fruits so powerful against parasites are the bromelain and papain that break down the protein structures of parasites and assists in to digest worms. Making the conversion to a vegetarian diet while taking bromelain two or three times a day at a dosage of 500 mg is an excellent way to help resist and help prevent parasites. It is also recommended to add other digestive enzymes like hydrochloric acid and pepsin to help aid.

The method of eating is an important for the enzymes to do their job. Chewing slowly and thoroughly while relaxed is most beneficial to ensure optimum result from the digestive enzymes. This gives food the appropriate size for enzymatic activity to occur.

2. Enemas

Enemas are used for cleansing the bowel and preparing the bowel to take an active part of helping removing the parasites from the body. Hot (caution) water enemas are very effective against intestinal parasites and other bowel problems. The use of enemas with children or adults suffering of chronic constipation is not recommended because it is probable that the use can lead to ruptures, extreme discomfort, and harm.

3. Essential Oils

Essential oils are a diverse antimicrobial liquid that has the capability to kill several types of worms. The oils of lavender and peppermint have the fastest killing effects of around 20 minutes. Be very cautious when using essential oils to treat parasitic infections. Some of these oils are toxic, especially to children and people suffering of certain conditions dealing with the heart, liver, kidney, stomach, intestinal diseases, or pregnancy.

4. Traveling

Be very aware of the foods that you consume while traveling. Foods that are undercooked or raw have a chance of being infected with parasites so it is always better to avoid such foods, especially in areas of questionable sanitation. Foods like uncooked vegetables, fruits, milk products, salads and raw meat are also of concern. Try sticking to foods that are exclusively cooked. Even the ice from another country can carry parasites.

5. Constipation relief products

Having a bowel movement is crucial to getting rid of intestinal parasites because it is possible for them to recover from treatment. Constipation relief products are one of your options to relieve yourself of this delay. Stick to all natural products such as PoopDoc.

6. Probiotics

These are the bacteria in that body that benefit the body such as bacteria that colonize the intestinal tract. This bacteria actually defends the body from harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites. When taken at a high dosage, these probiotics can play a part in ridding you of parasites after some months of this treatment. Increasing your probiotic intake is important for preventing further parasitic contamination.

7. Fiber

When there is sufficient water and fiber in a person’s diet, it leads to the proper elimination of waste and certain parasites from the intestines. Fiber restricts parasites from fastening themselves to the intestinal wall and/or forces them to the intestinal tract where they will be removed alongside feces. This limits the parasites efforts to get established and maintain colonies. Fiber can also positively affect the growth of bowel flora which can make the bowels healthier and give intestinal parasites some competition.

8. Water intake

In poor areas of hygiene, be careful to correctly classify which drinks are safe. Beverages that are healthy would include boiled water, drinks served hot, canned or bottled. Completely avoid making oral contact with any water that you might suspect to be impure.

9. Alternative holistic therapies

A natural parasite preventative is bentonite clay. This can be found in most health food stores and should be taken one teaspoon in the evening, one in the afternoon. Bentonite clay absorbs poisons in the intestinal tract rides the body of them.

10. Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is used by farmers to prevent parasitic infection with their animals. This is simply a mixture that includes natural mineral-laden soft rock phosphate. This acts like a sort of glass that cuts segments and eggs that are released, as well as harming the parasite itself causing it to disattach from intestinal tract without hurting the host.

11. Comprehensive parasite cleanse

A powerful but safe formula that has all of the natural medicines combined into one is ParaDoc. For thousands of years natural remedies have been used by people all over the world. This one combines them all.

These organisms may be unnerving but you must acknowledge their existence and the probability that you are a host. You only have one body and you must take care of it. Exposing yourself to information about parasites will help you understand, rehabilitate and sustain your health. Once the colon has achieved optimal working order, many reports show overall improvement in health. The Remedy …

” The Colon Is the Foundation to The House “

When people are informed of parasites and what an infection of this sort is capable of, they often refuse to believe that they could ever be a host. We don’t think we will ever be the home for these vile organisms but statistics have shown that the opposite is true. In fact, it is estimated that millions of people in the United States suffer from chronic diseases that are primarily caused by parasites. An even more alarming health report stated that 85% of Americans are the hosts of parasites. The possibility that you are a host isn’t out of the question.

One would think that in the US, a country full of medical awareness, parasitic evaluations would be routine but they aren’t. It is unfortunate that very few health providers are actually even taught to suspect, diagnose, or let alone treat an infection of this sort. If someone experiencing any distress caused by parasites did in fact contact a doctor, they would likely only treat the patient’s symptoms. Your medical professional might not even have considered parasites as the cause. Even if the doctor did manage to suspect a parasitic infection, the tools to detect these organisms are often inaccurate. If they manage to confirm that a patient has parasites, an imprecise treatment may result in the parasite migrating. Even if the doctor was able to relieve the patient of the parasite, there may be many more parasites in different areas of the body that the doctor might not have accounted.

These days, it is common to hear people about how it’s been a long time since they felt good. They explain that they seem to have low energy all day and that they just feel physically deprived. They are all looking for the way to start feeling good again.

This decline in quality of health is very gradual process and is possibly undetectable. One’s health is actually a reflection of their body cells. If these cells become diseased then your body will be a clear indicator that something is wrong. Noting that disease is caused by the absence or lack of substance from our system and/or toxin build up in our bowels, there is a good chance the parasites are the cause of your health’s decline. Parasites are not to be taken lightly. They can be the cause of legitimate harm to one’s health but they aren’t always as noticeable as one would like.

Four major factors to better understand intestinal parasites.

1. Intestinal parasites may be the source of a number of chronic health problems.

2. Parasites have a wide range of symptoms so don’t be too quick to cross them off the list of probable causes.

3. Intestinal parasites often obscure themselves behind other ailments so they go undiagnosed. Because a lot of symptoms caused by parasites are very subtle and so frequently experienced by the people without parasites, doctors generally attribute the symptoms to the wrong causes.

4. It will be beneficial to make routine visits to your health care professional. He may be familiar with the steps to finding parasites and might be able to inform you of the steps that follow. Reading things like coloration, eyes, ears, nose, throat, temperature, etc. can all alert the doctor of parasites.

As you can see, some of these symptoms may apply to all of us at some point. This is what makes parasites so hard to suspect and diagnose. Remember that eighty to ninety percent of Americans have parasites so it would be smart to assume you have parasites and take the necessary precautions to get rid of them. If you are concerned with being the host of parasites, you might find it useful to keep a journal. Try listing any symptoms you might be feeling, especially one that occur a lot or regularly. Also try and log the treatment you have taken and their outcome, if any. This information might prove to be invaluable when you visit your doctor.

People that experience long term symptoms may go years without a remedy; they try any recommended solutions but if it’s not targeted towards parasites then they will continue to have poor health. When a person does recognize they indeed have parasites and treats them, they will experience almost immediate results.

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