Constipation Relief and What to do When You Experience “Deja Poo”?

What to do When You Experience “Deja Poo”?

The only ‘experience’ you want to have is a few minutes in and out of the bathroom, easy delivery, low toilet paper usage and finish with a genuine smile! While bowel movements are a great source of humor (and that is good too) the Colon IS the foundation to the house, and effects the entire body.

What’s the Ideal Day?

1 to 2 bowel movements, easy delivery, floating (yes, you want ships and not submarines!), low paper usage (when you’re clean inside, you’ll know it) and a skip in your walk because you will feel THAT good.

PoopDoc’s formula #1 is a Constipation Relief formula to help move your bowels and most of the time, is taken before bed. It is the Most effective Constipation Relief supplement made. PoopDoc’s formula #2 is the Fiber Supplement. It isa premium blonde psyllium fiber blended with 5 intestinal -friendly herbs that ACT as a natural anti-inflammatory… helping to CALM and SOOTHE inflamed membranes which in turn helps transition the fiber easily through and out.

Formula #2 has amazing results for those who suffer from diverticulitis, chrones, ulcerative colitis, in fact, any bowel disease which all has a connection with inflammation. We’ve added L-Glutamine, an amino acid known to be one of highest contributors to Gut health.

PoopDoc’s formula #3 is Probiotics. Sometimes I hear on the phone “what is that?” or some unfortunate soul who have never heard of them. With antibiotics given out like candy for the last 30 years, they have destroyed the friendly and oh SO IMPORTANT intestinal flora in your gut that is a major part of your immune system. Don’t be fooled by many yogurt commercials as a source of probiotics – you’d have to eat a dump truck load of it to do the job.

When looking for the right probiotic, have a minimum of 12 strains and 15 billion organisms per serving (each strain has a benefit to the human body). THEN you’re helping yourself in a real and effective way. PoopDoc has saved you the work – we use 15 strains, 20 Billion per serving and even used an alkalized capsule to help the survival rate be higher as it travels through the strong stomach acid.

How often should I take Probiotics?

If you have ANY colon problems, a daily dose can make a huge plus in your health. Our friendly bacteria wage war against ‘our enemies’ every minute of every day. If you have ‘no problems’ whatsoever, one month on and one month off is having “the edge”. Remember the old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. If I make any errors, it will be on the side of winning!

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