Cleanse the Digestive System of Parasites

What are parasites? Parasites are beings that live on or inside another being called a host. These specific intruders can vary from microscopic amoebas, bacteria, fungi and viruses to large intestinal worms measuring various feet in length. These organisms work on pure survival instinct, fighting with you for nutrients and defecating toxic waste that can endanger your health. Furthermore, parasites can provoke further harm throughout the host’s body as they migrate and cover themselves in hard protective shells.

Parasitic infestation can imitate the symptoms of many different diseases. Parasites can be mainly hazardous to the health of the intestinal tract as they not only steal fundamental nutrients from the body and destroy the colon’s permeability, but they also release damaging toxins in the form of waste.

One way of getting rid of parasites is to cleanse the digestive system. Some parasites live between the coated fecal material and the lining of the intestines where they are difficult to reach. Until this built up coated material is removed, the parasites can hide from even effective medication. It is imperative to evade foods that interfere with this process such as sugar, caffeine, chocolate, and fried foods. The toxins emitted by parasites in the body have to be removed as well. If you drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, and eat junk food, you will overburden the body’s capability to detoxify.