Fiber and Constipation Relief – The Truth of What Goes On

Fiber and Constipation Relief

Fiber can make an enjoyable visit to the bathroom or make life miserable because it caused a blockage.  Pure psyllium is often mistakenly taken with the wishes of achieving constipation relief. Fiber is NOT to be used for constipation relief.

Go Daily then Talk about Fiber

Always always always be moving your bowels daily for at least a week straight before starting a fiber supplement. Then start it gradually. It is highly recommended you DO NOT use a pure psyllium product for a fiber supplement. Pure psyllium absorbs 40 times it’s mass in water easily causing a blockage.

What Kind of Fiber is Best to Take?

For a fiber supplement use a BLENDED fiber supplement – a good example of a blended fiber is  PoopDoc’s daily fiber supplement. It’s the perfect example of what a fiber should be: blonde psyllium (a premium grade psyllium) that is blended with 5 different healing-type herbs that act as natural anti-inflamatories – remember all bowel diseases are  inflammatory oriented. 

 What’s the Best Time to Take Fiber?

The best time to take a fiber supplement is either right before bed or 30 minutes before breakfast. Stir the fiber blend in a full glass of juice and drink it right down. Follow with a glass of water. Don’t take prescriptions or supplements with fiber. The standard rule is to take all Rx and supplements an hour away from fiber. 

 Why is Fiber so Important?

Supplemental fiber is extremely important and yet very inexpensive. The benefits of Fiber are many such as giving the peristaltic muscles something to push against. Fiber also acts as little scrub brushes which helps keep the colon walls clean, captures loose fecal matter and carry it out, it pulls out toxins and makes it extremely difficult for parasites to take hold. Fiber helps lower cholesterol levels. Fresh fruit and fresh vegetables ARE a wonderful source of natural fiber but over 90% of Americans are fiber difficient because they do not eat enough of it. Fiber and constipation relief is achieved when they are used correctly and with the proper type.