Hygiene Practices & Parasite Invasion

It is estimated that millions of people in the United States suffer from long-lasting diseases that are primarily caused by parasites. An even more disturbing health report stated that 85% of Americans are the hosts of parasites. The chance that you are a host isn’t out of the question.

The following hygiene practices will help you to reduce the level of Parasite Invasion:

1) Frequently wash your hands with soap and water prior to eating or handling food, and after going to the bathroom. Get in the habit of not placing your hands in your mouth unless you wash them first. The best sanitation practice is not to place your hands in your mouth at all.

2) Do not brush your teeth with the local tap water and have your toothbrush away from unclean spaces. It is better to have it in a closed container in a cabinet. Always keep the cover on the toothpaste.

3) Teach your kids not to place their hands or toys in their mouths and to wash their hands after playing outside. You also should explain to your children to cleanse toys frequently with warm soapy water.

4) Maintain children’s fingernails short and clean. Keep a nail brush by the sink particularly if your work around kids, food, or the elderly.

5) Teach your children to clean regularly their hands in soapy water after contact with pets. It is best to maintain your kids away from pets until they are dewormed (to cure an animal of an infestation of worms).

6) Wash your hands after handling raw animal flesh, including fish and meat. Use a disinfectant to cleanse surfaces. Always wash your hands after handling any food even when you handling fruits and vegetables.

7) Utilize a different cutting board when preparing meat and vegetables. Utilize one that can be either disinfected or place in the dishwasher. Wash utensils carefully after cutting meat or fish, but don’t leave them on the kitchen counter while cooking and preparing food. Put the utensils on surfaces such as a ceramic holder that can be disinfected.

8) Utilize paper liners or toilet paper between you and the toilet seat. If you are not capable to do it, in that case squat over the toilet seat without touching it. Don’t forget the potty for children. Pinworm eggs can be found even underneath the toilet seat, so don’t touch the seat with your hands. Remember to disinfect underneath the seat when cleaning. Clean the toilet seat daily.

9)Daily clean and vacuum to eliminate parasite eggs from the floors and carpets.

Remember, if one member of the family has parasites, most likely all the members will have parasites.

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