Intestinal Parasites Are Not to Be Taken Lightly

Intestinal parasites are organisms that live inside of a host from which they live off of. These parasites derive food from their host while also depriving the host of them.

Once these intestinal parasites find themselves a host, they seek the most suitable location in the body where they can thrive and multiply. When they find an appropriate environment, they tend to stay there unmoved if given the opportunity. Not only do parasites feed off of the host but they also have the ability to reproduce while inside the host. This may be a step towards serious parasitic infestation causing more severe physical harm and deprivation. Keep in mind that our body has no natural combatants for intestinal parasites so this leaves our entire body virtually defenseless to these harmful organisms if not treated. There have been cases where parasites have remained in individuals’ anatomy for up to ten, twenty, and even thirty years. The parasites greatest weapon is being “stealth” or going undetected.

When people are informed of parasites and what an infection of this sort is capable of, they often refuse to believe that they could ever be a host. We don’t think we will ever be the home for these vile organisms but statistics have shown that the opposite is true. In fact, it is estimated that millions of people in the United States suffer from chronic diseases that are primarily caused by intestinal parasites. An even more alarming health report stated that 85% of Americans are the hosts of parasites. The possibility that you are a host isn’t out of the question.

One would think that in the US, a country full of medical awareness, parasitic evaluations would be routine but they aren’t. It is unfortunate that very few health providers are actually even taught to suspect, diagnose, or let alone treat an infection of this sort. If someone experiencing any distress caused by parasites did in fact contact a doctor, they would likely only treat the patient’s symptoms. Your medical professional might not even have considered intestinal parasites as the cause. Even if the doctor did manage to suspect a parasitic infection, the tools to detect these organisms are often inaccurate. If they manage to confirm that a patient has parasites, an imprecise treatment may result in the parasite migrating. Even if the doctor was able to relieve the patient of the parasite, there may be many more parasites in different area of the body that the doctor might not have accounted.

The decline in quality of health is a very gradual process and is possibly undetectable. One’s health is actually a reflection of their body cells. If these cells become diseased then your body will be a clear indicator that something is wrong. Noting that disease is caused by the absence or lack of substance from our system and/or toxin build up in our bowels, there is a good chance the intestinal parasites are the cause of your health’s decline. Parasites are not to be taken lightly. They can be the cause of legitimate harm to one’s health but they aren’t always as noticeable as one would like.