The Meaning of Constipation and Its Assessment

The word “constipation” many not evoke the same meaning for others as it does for you. Because the word  is a multi-faceted term, the exact mean of the word can alternated from person to person. While some define constipation as an inability to have a bowel movement on a necessary basis, others depict constipation as a difficulty passing dried stool. Through a medical perspective, constipation is when an individual has less than three bowel movements within the span of a week. Real constipation is initiated by missing a bowel movement in your daily routine. Food in, food out.

An additional variable that often helps classify constipation is the duration of its effects. A recently discovered type of constipation, referred to as acute constipation, can be a symptom of serious medical illness. This type of constipation needs urgent assessment.

Long Lasting or Chronic Constipation – These cases of constipation may also require immediate attention especially when accompanied by rectal bleeding, cramps, and other symptoms.

Evaluating Constipation – Doctors need to evaluate intensity of your constipation to provide you with the best and most appropriate remedies for constipation relief. The process of evaluating constipation is simple.

Your Medical History – Physicians need to know your medical history to assess the cause your constipation. Your medical history will give your doctor an idea about previous or ongoing medications and/or diseases that may be causing constipation problems or dietary adjustments that you need to make to achieve better bowel movement.

Getting Physical – Physical examination for constipated patients normally includes a rectal examination to see if the anal sphincter is tight. Rectal examination can also determine if there are problems in the rectal, anal, and/or pelvic floor muscles.

If you suffer from this, be sure to find constipation relief as best you can. Constatipation can have various amounts of negative affects on the body so it is best to find constipation relief be the problem grows in severity.