I have suffered from severe constipation – Testimonial about PoopDoc

I have suffered from severe constipation for as far back as I can remember. I would say as far back as around 2-3 years old. One day after trying all the doctors recommendations and everything else humanly possible I could find to move my bowels I decided, while I was on vacation, to search the web AGAIN for anything that could offer a solution. Then, there it was POOPDOC! I said to myself-really? PoopDoc? I began to read everything I could about it and after reading the list of ingredients I made my decision I was going to try it. I am a nurse so I always thoroughly review everything and then some. I proceeded to call the company to ask a few questions and got Scott on the phone. Little did I know, he was about to become my best friend in this long overdue endeavor! We planned everything out given my history of IBS and I began the program following his directions to a “T”. The very next day to my surprise (but not to Scott’s) I had what most people wouldn’t be too excited over for a bowel movement, but for me I knew there was hope. I stayed in contact with him just about every to every other day for the next couple of weeks. It took me about a year I would say to rid myself of all the toxins but each day I felt better and better. I am convinced that by now without this product I probably would have had bowel surgery or even worse cancer! I CAN’T BE WITHOUT THIS PRODUCT! If anyone is on the fence about buying this don’t be – it’s a life saver.