Home Remedies for Constipation Are Undoubtedly Effective

Home remedies for constipation are very effective in resolving the conflict. Depending on the cause of your constipation, the use of appropriate constipation remedies will most certainly reinstate your bowel health. Because of this, people seeking constipation relief don’t have to suffer its extended effects. Alleviation is simply a case of doing mild research and determining which remedies for constipation would be the most beneficial.

Enemas are a common method of constipation relief among individuals. They are an injection of a liquid through the anus to stimulate evacuation. The liquid or “medicine” that is being injected can be anything from a sodium phosphate solution to water. After the insertion has of liquid had been made a holding period is required. Only after this, is the evacuation ready to take place. Because it is direct in its execution, you can expect enemas to be very effective for treating the waste in the rectum. Although this is an enemas advantage, it is also its disadvantage. Because they only treat waste in the rectum, the intestinal tract is unchanged therefore the same problem has the potential to re-occur.

Although a bit far fetched, biofeedback is also an option when talking about remedies for constipation. What is this exactly? Its where a constipated individual is taught how to better control their muscles in efforts to increase the ability to have bowel movements. Biofeedback is possible because most of the pelvic muscles around the anus and rectum are voluntarily controlled. This muscle control is gained by continuously inserting a pressure sensing catheter through the anus and into the rectum. Once the muscles contract, the catheter detects the pressure created by the muscles and records it. Every time the person contracts the muscles they generate a pressure that is detected by the catheter and then recorded. By keeping track of the pressures, the person can learn to relax and contract the muscles better; therefore making bowel movements easier.

If these remedies for constipation aren’t able to aid you constipation don’t be discouraged. There are several more constipation remedies that we have not even discussed so continue researching. It is only after all has failed that you may need to approach your doctor and ask if surgery is an option. Do not be alarmed, surgery is usually the cause of diseases of the colon or laxative abuse. A surgical procedure for this would involve the removal of most of the colon and then the reattachment to the remaining rectum. Again, surgeries like this are reserved only for severe cases of constipation where there is no alternative solution.