Remedies for Parasites: Cleansing the Gastrointestinal Tract First

Because a substantial amount of parasites attach themselves and become embedded in the intestinal wall, the barriers that protect parasites must be weakened in order detach them and force them out of the intestinal tract. This is why cleansing the gastrointestinal tract is the initial step to eliminate parasitic infections. Gastrointestinal tract health is commonly hindered by inflammations and various irritants. Inflammation has the power to increase things like the bodies permeability and can make it difficult for the body to absorb nutrients from food, which leave the body especially vulnerable to parasites.

So how do you go about cleansing the intestinal? This cleansing process is commonly done by the use of natural substances like rice bran fiber, butternut root bark, licorice root, cranberries, apples, and many others. The use of one or more of these remedies will result in the proper cleansing. Because these substances only eradicate the debris from the digestive tract, this treatment isn’t the solution to rid yourself of all parasites. This treatment is particularly ineffective with tissue invasive parasites.

Fiber is also a remedy when trying to treat a parasitic infection. Flaxseed fiber, bran fiber, and psyllium seed husk fiber are very powerful when trying to facilitate the passing of waste. What makes these fibers so beneficial to this process is that they have a very high water-absorption. Because fiber is able to pass through the digestive system virtually unchanged, it is able to provide old and dried stool with the water to soften the stool and allow for an easier bowel movement. Not only do these fibers provide a sort of lubrication but they are able to absorb some of the body’s toxins. Due to the immense capacity of fiber, these toxins are absorbed by the fiber and lead down to the bowels where they will be removed along with the waste. An adequate amount of water must accompany these remedies for parasites to ensure the optimum results. To find the proper amount, refer to the product label or contact a doctor.