Ways that Escalate the Risk of Getting Parasites

Parasites live in all places and are normally spread to humans in different ways such as walking barefoot, and consuming under-cooked fish and meats. Consuming raw foods always escalates the risk of getting parasites.

Parasites can also get into our bodies by placing hands in the mouth after being in contact with something that has the parasite in or on it. Sharing beverages, touching, and even breathing in dust that holds the eggs of these parasites are ways parasites get into the body. It is also probable to catch parasites from drinking water from lots of the streams, rivers and lakes in the United States. In addition, close contact with animals is another way to pick up parasites.

A strong immune system is the best defense from catching parasites. Stay in good physical shape by providing your body nutritious foods and complementing your diet with immune-enhancing vitamins and minerals.